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    NSDF is a debt fund that enables you as shipowner to arrange a long term loan for your ship. NSDF provides a mortgage backed loan, fors hips in the regional sea sector (capacity to 15.000tons). The fund could open up for expansion, renewal and/or improve efficieny of your fleet. As a result of changing regulations, traditional financers do not have the appetite to provide long term loans backed by ships. NSDF could be the answer to the reduced availability of credit, as it connects credit needs of shipowners tot he desire of institutional investers by providing mortgage backed shipping loans.


    NSDF is meant for medium sized shipping companies in Northwest-Europe. The purchase of your ship is a critical moment in your business. To reach a fitting and responsible financing, NSDF will take you through the following steps:

    Stap 1

    Oriënting talk

    We will discuss the proposed purchase of your vessel. During this talk we will look at earning capacity, activity of the ship, organisation and management of your business.

    Stap 2

    Acceptance test

    For a mortgage backed loan, certain application criteria an restrictions apply, dependent on the age and type of ship. The solidity of your company will also be tested.

    Stap 3

    Structuring the loan

    This means tuning the loan to the different aspects for example, the owner, the vessel, its age and earning capacity. We will also formulate attainable obligations for your shipping company, corresponding with the risk criteria of NSDF.

    Stap 4


    If your shipping company, vessel an the mortgage backed loand meet all the criteria of NSDF, a formal acceptance will follow.

    Stap 5


    This regards the composing and mutually discussing various documents and agreements.

    Stap 6


    Is aan alle criteria voldaan en is de documentatie afgerond? Dan ontvangt uw rederij de lening. Vanaf dit moment start ook uw betaling van rente en aflossing.

    Stap 7

    Periodical evaluation

    NSDF will maintain regular contact with your shipping company. For example to see if the vessel is performing as expected and what the expectations are for the near future.

    Stap 8

    End of the loan

    At the end of the duration of the loan, you will have to decide on repayment of the loan and/or external refinancing. NSDF will discuss the options well in time with you.

    Trusted financing

    NSDF is largely guaranteed by the ministry of Economic affairs. Besides this the fund is rated by Creditreform.