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    The Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF) consists of €250 mln. mortgage backed shipping loans. By using data-analysis and selection criteria based on this analysis a diversified portfolio will be created. This portfolio approach and pari-passu guarantee of the Dutch Government (approved by the EU) reduces the loss risk while providing an attractive return.

    The fund connects the credit requirements of shipowners to the investment desire of institutional investors. A direct debt fund of mortgage backed shipping loans which provides investors with acces to charted risk and a fitting return.

    An interesting investment opportunity

    NSDF provides shipowners in their need, there is a reducing credit availability for long term financing of capital assets. For (Institutional) investors this means an opportunity in long term, mortgage backed shipping loans.

    For institutional investors

    NSDF has been rated by Creditreform. The fund is largely guaranteed by the ministry of Economic affairs. Part of the solidity of your investment. NSDF is particularly interesting to institutional investors, varying from pensionfunds and insurance companies but also assetmanagers in the most broad sense who invest in fixed income products. NSDF is the first debt fund of Nesec, we strive to develop further debt funds aimed at the maritime and offshore assets, but also (renewable) energy.