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  • Our Business Principles

    1. Business integrity is our priority

    Nesec envisions honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business and we expect the same in our relationships. We conduct business with responsible and reputable parties.

    1. We operate at the crossroads of maritime and financial knowledge

    Nesec employs a team of maritime financial experts. Due to the numerous amount of transactions we concluded since 1946, we gained broad ship finance experience. We make sure we stay at the fore front, by developing and updating our knowledge day to day.

    1. Our network is our strength

    We have been actively supporting the maritime sector through mezzanine and equity finance for over 70 years. During our existence, we established a state of the art debt management infrastructure. Our team aims to keep a strong connection to the professionals within the shipping network.

    1. We keep the future in mind

    Nesec operates with the future in mind. We believe sustainable seabourne transport is important. Therefore we acknowledge existing technologies and embrace future developments.