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    since 1946

    Ship finance

    Nesec is active as lender to shipowners since 1946. We provide long term credit for the acquisition of seagoing vessels. Our clients are shipowners of a variety of ship types. Today Nesec also supports the shipping sector by introducing the Nesec Shipping Debt Fund (NSDF).

    NSDF is a direct debt fund of €250 million. The fund creates additional credit capacity for shipowners active in short sea shipping. Short sea shipping, intra-European regional seaborne shipping, is the main segment of Dutch shipping. NSDF has the support of the Dutch government and shall be rated by Creditreform.
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    For investors

    NSDF is a unique investment opportunity that fulfils the financing requirements of the short sea shipping sector and can offer an attractive risk/return ratio to (institutional) investors. Finance will be offered to Dutch SMEs that own and operate regional (short sea) vessels. For its lending activities NSDF will apply certain  sector and vessel criteria (on the basis of through-the-cycle analysis) in order to create a risk diversified portfolio of €250 million mortgage backed shipping debt.

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    For shipowners

    NSDF offers shipowners the possibility to expand or renew their fleet. In this way NSDF can secure the continuity of your fleet and business. The fund creates additional credit capacity for the acquisition of short sea tonnage and creates an alternative for limited availability of credit to the sector.

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